• The IoT chair
    goes to China

    Studytrip - April 2018 - Travel Notebook


  • The Travelers

    28 lucky students

    ESCP Europe

    MiM programme

    They attend the specialization course, that is a 120-hour path, launched in January. They choose it among a wide-ranging portfolio consisting of around 100 courses!



    Sandrine Macé

    Professor at ESCP Europe

    Scientific Director of the IoT Chair

    This Chair sponsored by Schneider Electric, Valeo & Société Générale Insurance aims to develop a better understanding of business and managerial issues related to the IoT.





  • Learning by travelling

    "ESCP Europe as a Business School has a teaching vocation beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Learning expeditions are an amazing powerful learning booster... fostering awareness and broadening horizons.

    Regarding the Internet of Things issues, it sounds to me absolutely key to guide our young generations understanding today’s and tomorrow’s IoT challenges."


    Sandrine Macé, Scientific Director of the IoT Chair

  • A customised learning expedition

    Why China?

    Learning from China about IoT

    China is a global leader in machine-to-machine (M2M) technology. China's reputation for nurturing hi-tech enterprises has skyrocketed over the past decade, helping transform the country into a cradle of innovation and a hotbed of development for cutting-edge technology.

    Where did they go?

    Shangai / Wuxi / Suzhou

    From 21 to 28 April, a 3-step trip was designed by Sandrine Macé to explore the Chinese IoT world... Shanghai is of course on the roadmap!

    Wuxi, recognized as one of China's smartest cities, is fastly becoming the top choice for international tech giants and the IoT industry.

    Suzhou hosts the 10th International Internet of Things Exhibition 2018 which is the largest and most comprehensive IoT expo in Asia.


    What did they do?

    Programme at a glance

    A dense programme encouraging multiple


    21th April - Shanghai: 

    - Conference with Lea Hindelang, Marketing Director & Christophe Cermolacce, CEO, Noerden + Urban Planning Museum

    23rd April - Wuxi:

    - Visit Showroom of Wuxi New District

    - Company visits: Wuxi Pingguan IoT Technology Co., Ltd / China Research & Development Center for IoT / Infineon Wuxi Factory

    24th April - Wuxi:

    - Company visit: Wuxi Hongshan IoT Town showroom

    25th April - Suzhou: 

    - China International IoT Exhibition

    26th April - Shanghai: 

    - Company visits: Art Office / Fresh Hema Supermarket

    26th April - Shanghai: 

    - Company visit: Honeywell

    - Conferences with Mr. Nils Luepkes, Industrial IoT Platform Manager, IoT ONE and Dr. Kevin WU, General Manager, Shanghai IoT Industry Innovation Center

  • "My card from" China collection

    With "My card from China" collection,

    let's see what take-home values students want to share with you after their company visits and the China IoT exhibition.

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  • A devoted Alumni network in action!

    With Qian Chen & Guillaume Sergent:
    an efficient demonstration of the power of the Alumni network

    Warm thank to Qian Chen


    Master in Management

    Class 2012


    ESCP Europe:

    You were Alumni representative in Beijing and are now located in Shanghai. You travelled to Suzhu to attend the China International IoT Exhibition with the ESCP Europe students. What are your take aways?


    I'm one of the communicators of ESCP Europe Alumni in China. It was great to have the occasion to meet our school's professors and students in Suzhou during my business travel!

    For me it was like going back to my student days and have one more ESCP Europe-style course ! By following the communication between exhibitors and students, I learned a lot about the industry of IoT: its importance, its technologcial evolution, its application, etc


    ESCP Europe:

    How was the meeting with students?


    Despite language difficulties, ESCP Europe students were very efficient to get the key points of exhibitors' products and services and showed their good business sense during the communications.

    I hope I will be able to connect with a few famous Chinese companies specialised in IoT so that they may welcome ESCP Europe students next year.

    Warm thank to Guillaume Sergent


    Specialised Master® in Business Consulting

    Class 2013


    ESCP Europe:

    You set up a meeting between students and Noerden. As Alumnus and Alumni representative in Shanghai, why was it important to you to open up your network?


    When I studied at ESCP Europe I built a network with my Class, professors and speakers. I also learned a lot through all these people. Now I just want to give back to ESCP Europe what ESCP Europe has given me. I am also convinced of the positive impact of all the conferences, talks, and people you meet during you studies. So "opening my network" to students who need to share with entrepreneurs or Alumnis in Shanghai is and was a real pleasure. I hope it will help them to better know what they want to do after their graduation.


    ESCP Europe:

    Why Noerden?


    Noerden is the perfect French start up in China. They saw a need and the high potential of their solutions in a prospective marketplace. Despite the high competition and a competitive product, you have to face high competition with famous brands - e-commerce is a big challenge, Chinese culture and marketing differ from everywhere else.


    ESCP Europe:

    Your advice to make the most of this study trip?


    Stay connected with all the people you met here (linkedin, wechat etc. )
    Come back for an internship here, learn Chinese and discover the amazing atmosphere of China.


  • To learn more about the Internet of Things Chair

    The IoT (Internet of Things) Chair aims to develop with Schneider Electric, Valeo and Société Générale Insurance, a better understanding of business and managerial issues related to digital evolution and the development of connected objects.

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